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Bman is an artist who works in many mediums such as music, film and video, pen ink and watercolor, rusty metal, copper, brass, distressed wood materials, clay, stone, cement and whatever else it takes to assemble that next creation.
Most everything is done by hand, rarely a machine is used.
He is a designer who believes in finding a way to make it work, look right, and it's the challenge he enjoys.
He has been doing it all his life and is now offering pieces created the past few years.
Bman started receiving art awards at the age of 16.
His work has been displayed throughout S.F. Bay Area public and corporate buildings including the San Francisco International Airport.

My Artist Statement

As an artisan and dreamer, I believe life is about creating happiness. In the picture you will see Guinness Book of World Records Tallest Married Couple just purchased one of my pieces. I did not need a ladder to remove this one!
It warms my heart when someone smiles and picks out a piece for
their enjoyment, or give as a gift to someone special.
Folks have driven as much as 4 hours each way to buy something I made, how cool is that?!.
Knowing it will get a good home and bring much happiness is the most fulfilling aspect when creating my unique pieces.
I am very fortunate to have found my calling and truly appreciate everyone who support my creativity. Thank You All So Much!

My Location

I am located in Gilroy, Ca.

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