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My Artist Statement

About My Encaustic Painting!

Most of my work is abstract; yet, in a sense, my work usually hints of something; a landscape, a group of buildings, an idea. If i do a figurative painting (a painting that looks like something), it is stylized and simplified. I take a lot of liberties with what actually is and create my own reality to form my own vision.

I enjoy the process of making art as much as the finished works. Essentially, I am not making pictures of things. I create a work of art, which is a thing in itself.

Within the last few years I became interested in encaustics. As I have explored this medium, Iʼve been experimenting with visual and surface textures by manipulating the wax and combining it with other media and objects. This process of experimentation creates surprising and aesthetically pleasing results. Through further experimentation, I learn to control these surprises so I can replicate various visual effects in other paintings.

Implicit in my work is some sort of message. Sometimes my work reflects a political belief, other times a personal statement. The front of this flyer is a piece that is autobiographical. Titled the “Class of ‘64,” it reflects on things I experienced as a senior in high school.
My self portrait titled, “Time Flies Whether or Not Fun is Involved”
speaks about the ease in which we
become distracted from the
things we really want to do in life
and how the various choices we
make dictates paths we didn’t

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I am located in Arroyo Seco, NM.

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