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About Keith Klabon

Born in Chicago Illinois in 1969. Grew up mostly in the mountains outside Golden Colorado on a small ranch. Father was a Western fur trader reenactor and black powder enthusiast participating in numerous reenactments and Rendezvous throughout Keith's childhood.

A disabled Navy Veteran with 17 years of service as a Naval Aircrewman and Ordnanceman . The painting of murals and aircraft were also performed for various spaces and squadrons while serving abroad mainly in the Pacific regions. While on active duty studied Landscape design, Horticulture and Professional Pilot at numerous Universities and Colleges.

After being injured on active duty focused on multiple disciplines of art mediums for 16 years at Universities, Colleges and art institutions. A reenactor of the Texas Revolution and American Mexican War and aviation enthusiast. Lives and works in San Antonio Texas.

Artist Statement

My wall sculptures blend the mediums of painting and sculpture into mixed media of recycled materials intricate and the common into landscapes, abstract and objective. I separate the daily collections of objects and categorize them to their use just as I do when putting together a composition. A certain object relates to a plant or other particular item in the landscape or figure in form or texture.

I use industrial adhesives , screws or nails to apply to a recycled wood panel. I then paint the item if I haven't done so before installation. These wall sculptures vary in size and are a one of a kind with no additional replications.

My paintings are predominately made with mixed media added for texture. My stone sculptures are made with recycled found objects and are exclusive with no reproductions cast or otherwise. My works are primarily of the American Southwest styles in history and landscapes. I do however many other styles as my catalog of works implies. This keeps my creativity continuously evolving.

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Chelly Canyon

Chelly Canyon

by Keith Klabon




by Keith Klabon