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About Steve Zolin
Born in 1972 and raised in West Orange, NJ, Steve Zolin earned his BFA cum laud at Washington University in 1994 and won an MFA Fellowship at Florida State University, graduating in 2005. Between degrees he spent nine years in Santa Fe, New Mexico enmeshed in the art scene there. Shortly after receiving his MFA he returned to his home state of New Jersey and settled for a time in Clifton. Recently married, he now resides in Manhattan.

Zolin’s art has been seen at the 24th International Juried Show at the Visual Arts Center of NJ, curated by Susan Kismaric of the Museum of Modern Art, NY. Zolin has exhibited widely including exhibitions in New York, Florida, and Santa Fe. His most recent solo exhibition contained a large body of work exploring the structure of space at the Clifton Art Center in NJ. Career highlights include a 15’ mural for Senator Joseph Lieberman’s home synagogue in Connecticut, and a 35’ musical mural for the main band room of Santa Fe High School. Zolin has executed numerous other commissions including 13’ and 16’ paintings for restaurants in Santa Fe, a 60’ backdrop of Emerald City for a theatrical production of the Wizard of Oz, and three large mobiles for Florida State University. His work is also represented in numerous private collections.
Artist Statement

Letting the work evolve like an organism has led to intriguing art I have never seen before, which is one of my main goals. Swirling figures, inspired by a strong background in gesture drawing, transformed over time into abstract rhythms, and the drama of figuration was gradually replaced by an investigation into the framework within which all human drama occurs: the curvature of spacetime itself. This has led to an extended study of a new type of perspective based on the idea that reality is composed of infinite curvature. This manifests as a perspectival matrix that employs an overlapping series of curved perspective schemes. Cultural evidence of a curved reality range far and wide from Hawking’s donut-shaped Universe, to Shakespeare’s “mortal coil.”

Cityscapes are a useful subject with which to explicate the properties of this type of “Overlapping Curved Perspective.” This investigation has also led to sculptural permutations of gestural abstraction and architectonic motionscapes. I have not abandoned figuration, and continue to let that imagery evolve- I learned that the collision of opposites can also result in new and unexpected artistic permutations, so when the seeds of abstraction matured I brought figuration back in, with some satisfying results.

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Cityscape From Kate\'s Apartment

by Steve Zolin

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