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My interest in the arts began in the 70s when I attended college and studied Graphic Design. I also had a spell painting with oils using the Bob Ross method. He was a wonderful man, close to nature and a fantastic landscape and seascape artist and gave me a lot of inspiration which I still use in my art today.

I became interested in digital art in the late eighties and early nineties first using the Amiga 500 computer. Although very slow in comparison with today's machines, some of the programs available at the time were capable of producing some good results.

After gaining computer, art and some photography skills, my interest has grown where now I spend many hours creating designs that would have been near impossible years ago.

As well as creating digital art, I also enjoy capturing digital photos of landscapes, coastal scenes, villages, historic buildings and monuments etc. Many of my photos are taken of the Isle of Wight. A beautiful place I've had an association with since I was a child.

My work is a demonstration of how art and technology can come together and be used to express the imagination of the artist.

My Artist Statement

This store has been created to display Brian Exton's visionary art work. Brian lives in the UK. He has created some wonderful work that has been referred to many times as "WOW". Brian's imagination brings art to a level not seen in other art. Spiritual and mystical aspects dominate his work.

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I am located in Ryde, England.

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