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Tiffani Hollis

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About Tiffani Hollis
Tiffani studies at Savannah College of Art and Design and currently lives north of Atlanta, GA with her two children and dog.
Artist Statement

There is a story behind every painting. Some are easier to read than others.

Growing up in an avid reader and perpetual student, Tiffani has always been inspired by myths from various cultures - delving deep into classic literature for thorough understanding and finding inspiration along the way. Her studies often find unexpected tangents - the latest in the relationship of mythology and the constellations.

Most of her work has centered around figurative pieces, but her latest works are based on nebulosity images from the Hubble Space Telescope. As with the clouds, she find there is a picture there if you only open your eyes to see it.

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Original Painting Stargazing: Dorado Constellation I

by Tiffani Hollis

Original Painting Stargazing: Dorado Constellation II

by Tiffani Hollis

Original Painting Stargazing: Ara Constellation

by Tiffani Hollis

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