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About Shreya Mehta
Shreya Mehta is an award-winning fine artist who explores, in her vibrant and varied works, the social issues of identity, gender, power and spirituality. Her art has been exhibited across the globe, from the Indian Consulate in New York to the private collection of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In fact, Mehta secured her place at the Royal Academy of Art in Belgium as the first woman of Indian origin, graduating with none other than the prestigious V.R.I.K.A Award. Born in India, raised and trained in Belgium, and now living and working in New York, Mehta brings a global perspective and a positive touch to all her endeavors. She creates both representational and abstract works thus defying categorization through constant, energetic change and an inquisitive nature.
Classically trained and digitally competent, Mehta is ever folding new skills into her command of more tested mediums. Mehta works in charcoal, paint, wax, ink, glass and photoshop, but is only defined by her openness, curiosity and creativity. Like her mixed-media toolbox, Mehta grapples with a swirling mix of personal issues universally known to many as the juxtaposition of Eastern and Western cultures through the forces of old, traditional ways in a progressive, global world. A practicing Jain, Mehta infuses a unique spirituality into her work, exploring her inner life and her external presence in her many roles.
In her most current show, The Identity Series, Mehta brings together the face of global identity. Delving deep into her own experiences and observations, she creates abstract imagery using text from her three native languages–Gujrati, English and Dutch.
Constantly inspired by Gandhi's quote, "be the change you wish to see in the world", Mehta denies any profits for personal wealth, thus donating all proceeds of her work to charitable causes. Mehta’s art is made for pleasure and with passion, simply intended to delight, inspire and inform.
Artist Statement

Within the human subconscious mind lies a world of experiences; a wealth of memories and connections that are built layer upon layer. It is my personal journey to rediscover the spiritual dialogue between the mind, body, soul, actions, cultures and society. I render these ideas, that have been ignited by my curiosity and inspirational quotations, into visual images. Weaving and encapsulating my work with the essence of line and the beauty of color, I aspire to evoke these ideas within the viewers of my work.