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About Free Alfie's Art
Alfred Tait Duus was born and raised in Roanoke, VA, where he spent his formidable years playing soccer and exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains. He was the captain of the varsity men's soccer team at the University of Richmond, Va; where he also completed a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art with a concentration in painting.

Finishing university in 2000, he joined the Peace Corps and moved to Guatemala. Working on a Rural Youth Development Project in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, Tait found a greater awareness of his personal relationship with Mother Nature. He returned home in 2003 and made his way out to Colorado, where he met the love of all of his lives, Amy. Alfie and Amy married 9 years later!

Tait returned from the Peace Corps thirsting to learn more about his relationship with Mother Earth, or Pacha Mama as she is known south of the border. And so, he embarked on a two year study of Natural Resource Management in Leadville, CO, an old mining town. During his time at the Colorado Mountain College, Alfie worked side by side with the Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Land Management, and the US Forest Service to remediate and monitor old mine waste reclamation sites in the Rocky Mountains.

In his quest to help Mother Earth heal, Tait began to realize the importance of first self-healing. And so, when he was introduced to the ancient healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu while living in Guatemala in 2002, it just made sense. He has been learning and attending seminars with Amy ever since. In 2009, he began practicing daily. Alfie and Amy currently reside in Eugene, Oregon where they have their Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki Healing practice. Check them out at

Through all of these wonderfully full life experiences, the one common thread has been Art. Whether it be visual, written, or performance art, practical, or aesthetic, tangible or spiritual. Alfie sees the Art in all of Life, and he is inspired to share it with the world. He believes that we can heal Pacha Mama by healing ourselves. Art is his medicine...what is yours?
Artist Statement

Free Alfie's Art is my happy place. Within the creation process lie my passions. Whether I am working with pencil and paper, hammer and wood, paint and canvas, Mayan back-strap loom and fibers, or a harmonious combination of all of these media; when I am in the zone of creation, I am glowing with love emanating outward. My creations are meant to heal our earth by inspiring those who observe them to follow their passions in life as I am.

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Ganesh acrylic painting on hand woven canvas by Alfred Tait Duus

by Free Alfie's Art

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