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My Artist Statement

I am women with art in my heart. I am the mother of two and grandmother of 5. I have wanted to oil paint all my life. As with many of us, money, obligations, and just life in general seem to prevent me from perusing my art. I had planned on taking some classes when my kids were bigger. When I thought I would have more time, and money. As things went I became a new mother again at 40. I began raising my two older grandchildren pretty much from their births to present day.

I really wanted to leave something pretty in the world. Something my children, and grandchildren could be proud of and remember me by. I got to the point where I decided it was now or never. So my New Years resolution for 2010 was to teach myself to paint.

With my husbands encouragement I began to teach myself. I always knew I wanted to paint but once I started I discovered a passion in me. Painting is something I will do until it is no longer physically possible, and then I’ll keep trying.

My sincere wish is that those people who see my work will enjoy viewing it, as much as I did painting it.

My Location

I am located in Fruitland, Idaho.

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