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True Realism by Anand

Anand PKC is fully dedicated to realism and wishes to paint his subjects as true to reality as possible. After spending his youth in India, he now lives in New York City, USA.

At the tender age of 3, he was showing promise as an artist, in both drawing and painting with water colors. His natural talent was observed carefully by his mother, who was also an artist in her early school days, and was supportive of his talent. Her encouragement gave her son great inspiration and he was involved in art events at his schools, winning several prizes and regional awards as a junior. Since then, after graduation in BBA, he drifted from his artistic pursuits to work with his father in other ventures. Despite this, his true love was art and he continued to paint in his spare time.

Being a gifted artist in childhood, it seemed fated that he would return to his artistic roots and inevitably become an artist. Anand now has his own art business, Maharani Arts, Inc., which opened in New York in 2010.

Anand wants to prove to the world that realism defines the true meaning of art and that his true artistic talent will shine out as unique among millions.

Artist Statement

"Creating virtual reality in oil painting beyond belief has always been my passion since I was young"

"I'm a perfectionist at anything I do"

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