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ABOUT ME: Born in geographically small country Lithuania, Maria Bazarova is the perfect example of a strong and aspiring woman that never fails to impress. She’s an artist, with a tender nostalgic appearance, who passionately believes in life and the work she’s doing. With the extraordinary art and unique philosophy, Maria Bazarova teaches about beauty, people and world.

My Artist Statement

I experimented and tried to find my own style for about 10 years. I even have a trendy name for this style of mine... “Li-Ro” for Line & Round.
This world is amazing and multi-faceted by the splendor of radiant emptiness. And exactly this shining light of emptiness became the basis for my current paintings, changes and a new style in my creativity.
My works are in creative collections and private collections in Italy, the United States, Canada, UK, Ukraine, Lithuania, Chile. Every day I work on orders for private interiors of apartments and houses.

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I am located in Visaginas, Lithuania.

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