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About Beth Sebring Art
I've always been drawn to the creative, to beauty and art. I began many years ago with jewelry design, which I still enjoy very much, but after years of bead and wire, I decided to paint. This came about after attending a creative conference in which I was challenged to ask God for a passion. I did ask and God gave me a passion. I began painting and found my hearts desire. What a thrilling discovery!

Painting was fulfilling and allowed me to express and further explore my creative nature. I do believe that as I am faithful to answer the creative call on my life I will continue to develop skill and insight into the work that is for me to do. I believe that gifts are from God. I worship through my art; a process that is spiritual, joyful, addictive and emotional. I believe that we are just vehicles for our gifts and talents and although they filter through us, God is the Master Artist and Creator and He is the one to inspire, infuse, and impart art into the artist.
Artist Statement

I recently started thinking of myself as a mixed media artist because I enjoy painting and jewelry design but I also like making wall hangings and collage and using many elements together. I love the creative process and sometimes I get a good result and sometimes even when I don’t, allowing myself to create restores something within and feeds my soul. For me, I like to call myself and think of myself as a creative person and let that take whatever shape and form that seems good at the time.