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Bharat Thakur

Bangalore, Karnataka


About Bharat Thakur

Born in 1972

Artist Statement

Born to a family of landowners in what was then the state of Bihar, India, Bharat Thakur had an unusual childhood and upbringing. At the age of four, he was taken to the icy remoteness of the Himalayas and for the next thirteen years, was immersed in mysticism, in the cave habitations above the snow line, where there is round the year snowfall and there has been no habitation for eons. Pase one as an artist between 1992-97 was around the time of his higher studies when he expressed on canvas his experiences in the hills which were very unusual and rare for a common person. These mostly consisted of charcoal drawings. Phase two between 1997-2000 was when he extensively toured the length and breadth of the country, meeting people of all strata, while conducting motivational workshops called ' Tapasya'. These paintings were done with brush, spatula and bare hands. He also explored the medium of Oil, acrylic and pastels. After this, Bharat took a sabbatical and travelled extensively accross the world meeting artists especially in London, France, Italy, America and India. He spent time on the streets and lived a local life absorbing the sights and sounds of different cultures and exposing himself to the skills and mastery of various artists. His intention was to evolve a new grammar for himself that allowed him to connect the elements of his unique expression to a more universal language.
Bharat Thakur's oeuvres are versatile because of the eccentric methods, unconventional tools, a rawness heightened by dramatic use of colour and texture and his effeciency and capability to create works with magnitude with the passion of a masterly artist. Fierce and gentle at the same time, with his strokes and use of canvas and paint, Bharat is constantly evolving a unique grammar which allows him to express his inner world and at the same time, reach out and touch the viewer.

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