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About Black ceramics center
I was born In Vilnius-capital of Lithuania in 1954. I graduated from Vilnius secondary school, Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius Evening Art School. I am married, have 2 adult daughters, 2 granddaughters.
My job activities contained experience in civil construction. My creative activities became more more intensive since1985. I am a member of Lithuanian National Fine Arts Association since 1995. I participated in numerous exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. I have made 11 personal ceramics exhibitions in my country. One personal exhibition abroad in Finland, Helsinki (1999). Since 1995 I operate as Director of Black Ceramics Center a non-governmental organization, which has held 5 international symposiums, 4 local symposiums. Since 1999 the Center is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics. Since 2000 the Center was awarded National UNESCO Club Member.
In 1999 I won 2 years scholarship from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. In 2005 I have got the status of the national creating artist, as recognized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.
Artist Statement

I am working with clay since school age, but in first part of my life ceramics was only hobby. One day, when I have seen black ceramics wood firing, it has changed my life.
The tradition of black ceramics dates back to prehistoric times, the oldest articles known date back to 6 thousand years BC. In Lithuania black ceramics was used since the Neolithic Age. This technique was very common in the medieval Europe. The modern age saw enamel techniques gaining prevalence and black ceramics pushed aside. In the 20th c. black ceramics became rarity. Lithuania is one of the few locations in the World where the black ceramics has been preserved and still prospers.
My creations follow the ancient technology; the topics relate to mythology and its interpretation, archaic motives. My artistic credo is coming closer to nature, origins through combinig acrcaic & modern expression. The major objects are: sculptures (animalistic), vessels. The Begasus I make express human virtues and vices I aim to cause smiles, laugh of the viewers.

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