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About Bruno Netto

Was born in Lisbon, Portugal.
After finishing his studies at the E.S.S.a.C. in Art and design, his passion
for painting took him to Spain, Argentina, England and The Netherlands
where he actually lives.
His painting are composed by strong colors, painting daily moments,
but always mixtured with diferent realities,that he himself creates on
canvas, also together with feelings, where desires , passions and forms
come to live.
Since a very young age all he wanted was to paint , so after finishing
his studies, he didn’t feel complete until he could understand and feel
painting itself.
Through a friend in the Art world, he had the chance to learn from
great Portuguese masters, such as Artur Bual, Rogerio Amaral, among
His international recognition came when he was invited to exhibit at
the Opera Gallery, in Budapest, Hungary, among other 7 artists, where
he won the “Art Laudabilis” award, and was interviewed at the Hungarian TV.

Artist Statement

I paint daily actions, mixtured with different realities. I believe we all progress, we all bring with us different realities, different pasts and presents.

When I paint, I try to grab those diferent " realities". It can be in any daily action we see, sleeping, sitting, eating, etc.

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strong colors

by Bruno Netto