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About Bob Karhof
Assignments (i.a.):
- City of Rotterdam, creation of large scale panorama’s for new building

- NUON creation of 9 panorama’s for Nuon College

- TU Delft, 2 multiple panorama’s for new building

- KONE BV, multiple panorama as business gift

- KLM / EPCOR BV, multiple panorama for art acquisition

- ING Real Estate, multiple panorama for annual report

- Several assignments for Dutch Railway (NS Reizigers / Railinfra-beheer)

Agents Works sold to i.a. to IBM, Fortis, McKinsey, etc.

- Gallerie Ecce, Rotterdam

- Business Art Services (

Expositions and publications (i.a.)
- Galerie Ecce, Rotterdam-
Diafragma 180, P/F interview (8-2006)
- Creative Vision, publication by AVA Publishing SA, Switzerland (2005)
- Artist Spectrum Spring Issue 2005, New York, USA (2005)
- Portraits of political leaders, PvdA Head Office Amsterdam (2003-2004)
- Free Work at PanL, yearly group exposition, Amsterdam
- Free Work at Why Pinhole?, Rochester, New York, USA (2001)
- Free Work at TNO, Knowledge for Business, Netherlands (2000-2003)
- Free Work at Image 2000, Plano, Texas, USA (2000)
- Free Work at FNV Head Office, Amsterdam (2000-2001)
- Free Work at Melkweg Gallery (duo-exposition with Wim Wenders), Amsterdam

- 2002 Master Multi Media Technology, University of Leiden, the Netherlands

- 1990 - 1995 Photographic Design, Academy of Arts, St. Joost, Breda, the Netherlands

- 1988 - 1990 Graphic & Audiovisual Design, Academy of Arts, Utrecht, the Netherlands
Artist Statement

Photographic designer Bob Karhof specializes in figurative representation of architecture and landscapes. The central theme of his work is great urbanity. He has developed a method to blend photographic images together: in the camera's which are built by himself.

In his works is no digital manipulation! The panoramas are a reflection of perception of form, time and place. To this experience to capture with photograhpic means, Bob Karhof developed his own photographic medium. This enables him to create a multiple panoramic image with different exposures on location. Bob Karhof considers the sequences are not known in advance, but lets them arise from intuitive succession. He takes a first picture and let his intuition to determine what the next should be. The first image creates a logical next step, a logical next image until the image sequence eventually a new panorama.

Bob Karhof is an European Photographer based in Utrecht, te Netherlands. He uses his camera's to make free work as well as in assignments.

Previous Bob Participated in exhibitions in Rochester NY and Columbus Ohio.

The Panorama's which are shown were made on several travels to New York, Mexico, Thailand, Paris France and Lisbon Portugal.

more work is displayed on the website:

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Bangkok, Thailand

by Bob Karhof

Paris France

by Bob Karhof

Antigua, Guatemala

by Bob Karhof

Brooklyn Bridge New York

by Bob Karhof

camera (not for sale)

by Bob Karhof

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