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Artist Statement

Artist Statement
I might not be quoting this right but somewhere along the line someone said that “art is like a mini-vacation”. When I get into starting and working on a painting I can lose myself and the stress of life has to find a new home during my art session.
I enjoy how lines, shapes, colors and texture combine to make my eyes move around the piece of work. I hope your eyes move around also. If they do, I have accomplished one of my goals. I also love that a combination of colors can make a piece of work or section of that work jump out at you and grab your eyes. Different combinations of color also make me smile and I hope the colors also make you smile and happy. I believe different color combinations solicit different feelings with each person.
Until recently I was pretty much a stick in the mud and just used oil paint with mediums such as linseed oil. I was becoming bored and afraid to make a mistake. In 2010 I had a life changing experience and decided to just enjoy creating art. I am getting more adventurous now trying new techniques and mediums. I am having a blast and have come to the realization, that if a painting does not work, I will learn from it.
I hope each piece of work has more appeal than the last one and that I have been able to discover something new that works or doesn’t work. I am still succeeding to hopefully create better art. Also I will still be on my mini-vacation and enjoying life. I hope when you see my art you join me on your mini-vacation for a few seconds also.
Kent A Broadbent

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Frazzleberry oil and cold wax by Kent Broadbent

by Kent Broadbent

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