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About Carrie Strope
Carrie Strope Sohayda was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska where she attended college and obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Horticulture before moving to the Napa Valley to work in the wine industry. After a few years, she realized that she preferred drinking wine to the hours involved in making it. However, it was during this time that she started taking classes at the local college and pursuing an interest in art that had always taken a back seat. While taking classes in oil painting, mixed media, web design and photoshop, she stumbled upon a glass studio where she walked into a beginning fusing class and simply refused to leave!

Since then, she has expanded her resume considerably, and now teaches these beginning classes, as well as children's classes and more advanced classes.
Artist Statement

I work with glass integrating different techniques, including mosaic, kiln-formed (or fused) glass, glass painting and stained glass. I enjoy experimenting with and combining various techniques and processes, using them to add new facets to my work. I am influenced by intricate geometric designs and color exploration, incorporating a love for quilting, textiles and bright colors inherited from my mother, who was an avid quilter. I love the meditation of breaking glass into many pieces, building them together into a new form. I enjoy that kilnformed glass can be a challenge. There’s always a chance for surprises and accidents. When the kiln lid closes, the glass can shift as it changes from a solid to a liquid and back. The transformative and independent nature of kiln-formed glass and its lessons of detachment have helped me evolve not only as an artist but also as a person, and makes me want to share glass as a medium with as many people as possible.

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My Little Buttercup Love Platter

by Carrie Strope

Orange Crush Cast Glass Bracelet

by Carrie Strope

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