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Jewelry designer Rick Cameron is widely known for his dramatic animal motifs blending Art Deco and Gothic elements, and for his exceptional craftsmanship. His designs have been sold by some of the finer jewelry and specialty stores in the country, and are worn by rock stars and royalty, as well as high achievers in all walks of life. "Though educated as a geological oceanographer, life’s unpredictable little twists and turns led me to jewelry design in the late 80's. A love of wildlife and a fascination with mythology have influenced both my choice of subject and style of presentation: most of my motifs are animals, which I attempt to capture at a moment of transformation from fantasy to reality, a point in time when a creature is half dream, half real."

My Artist Statement

The Cameron Collection was launched in 1990, and features dramatic, Deco-Gothic wildlife jewelry and accessories for those in search of something out-of-the-ordinary. Depicting horses, lions, wolves, serpents, eagles, panthers, and other animals and nature themes blending fantasy and realism, our sophisticated designs offer a bold and unusual look in men's and women's jewelry. All of our designs are sculptural, and each evokes a distinctive, powerful and graceful image.

With the exception of casting and stone-setting, every step in the making of our jewelry is done in our workshop in New York City. Our magnetic money clips and belts are made for us by the undisputed master alligator and ostrich craftsman in the United States. All items are packaged in attractive, dark green boxes or pouches.

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I am located in Woodstock, New York.

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