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Carol Radsprecher was born and still resides in Brooklyn, New York (her studio is in Manhattan). She received her MFA in painting from Hunter College in 1988. Her work has appeared in several solo exhibitions and numerous group shows.

She has received several awards for her work and has paintings in many private collections. Reproductions of her work have appeared (in print and online) in literary and art publications.

A restless artist, Carol has explored both representational and abstract ways of painting (her present work combines both elements). She is also a burgeoning Photoshopper. Her paintings, drawings and photographs can be seen on and

My Artist Statement

My overriding intention is to make thought-provoking and eye-delighting images.

The images in my paintings and my Photoshop drawings/prints refer to the human body—specifically, the female body, that first landscape to greet us when we come into the world. This work is autobiographical in content, but I leave it up to the viewer to peer into these small works and create meaning (or not). Each drawing in Photoshop is one of an extended series in which the sequence of images shows the viewer the evolution of ideas and narrative within that series.

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