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About Dana Echols Photography
Artist Statement

Since I was a boy, I was fascinated by nature, especially birds. I studied zoology and ornithology through
college, but developed a true love affair with nature through the lens of a camera. As I developed my
artistic vision as a young photographer, I had the great fortune to study with some of photography’s true
masters, including Ansel Adams, Philip Hyde, Richard Miserach, Jay Dusard, Christopher Burkett, William Neill
in Carmel, with Clinton Smith at the Death Valley Workshop and then later with Craig Fucile, Jan Peterzak
and Sam Hay in central California. These visionaries gave me tools, skills and insight into the artistry of
photography that have guided me throughout my career.
“To me, each photograph I take is a small jewel, a precious
discovery that is to be experienced in great detail.”
My life as a photographer has become an exploration of the intimacy of nature, focusing
on design, lines, texture and color. As a result, my photographs are all totally in focus
and full of detail, revealing the personality of the place in the moment. I can rarely be
found shooting photographs on a windy day or in any situation that doesn’t allow me
to set up my tripod and truly, completely focus. One little gust, or a single flutter means
that I will lose the detail and crispness that I am looking for.
My classic training by experts in photography and darkroom techniques from experts
served me well as I migrated to the use of a digital camera in the mid 2000’s. Today,
I work only with digital cameras that enable me to create images 24” x 36” or larger
and still maintain vivid color and detail. I create my own archival prints using the
Canon Lucia EX ink set on art papers and canvas.
I hope my images provide you with the opportunity to connect with nature in a
profound moment of stillness.
Thank you for choosing my work.
Dana J. Echols, Photographer