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I am a professional artist and love every minute of it, In addition, I design greeting cards, book covers and illustrations. An artist since childhold, I have studied art at several colleges, as well as trained under other professional artists. I have actively displayed in various galleries, and donated paintings to various charities for auctions and fundraising purposes. I also have been honored to have won various art competitions. I am currently a member of the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. I now specialize in Digital Painting. Each image is created from scratch and meticulously painted utilizing a Wacom art tablet and brush pens. It requires many hours to complete each art piece. My art mediums includes oils, pastels, watercolors, charcoals and pens, etc. All artwork is of the highest quality and professionally optimized for reproduction on canvas, watercolor paper, greeting cards, etc. and make wonderful Giclee prints. First and Second Place Award Winner in TwistedBrush International Art Contests, and Award Winner in EBSQ.

My paintings are available in prints on canvas or Allure Fine Art paper in various sizes. Contact me for information and pricing.

My Artist Statement

When I was young one of my favorite things to do was sit on my Aunt's sofa and stare at her paintings scattered throughout the room. I admired every little detail and wondered in amazement how she created it. She painted beautiful florals that were radiant with color.

I became convinced that one day I would be an artist also. I wanted to capture on canvas the beauty I saw through my eyes and felt in my heart of the world around me. My desire is to preserve those fleeing moments of discovery in what God has already created for our joy and pleasure. Through art I share my gift from God with others.

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I am located in Lake Jackson, TX.

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