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Chris Hurley Glass
About Chris Hurley Glass
Southern Oregon artist Chris Hurley has been exploring the versatility of glass while taking in the art communities in the Northwest and California. Chris ventured from blown glass to lampworked glass in 1996. His work demonstrates his roots in nature, yet maintains an emphasis of strong clean lines. Chris has diversified into sandblasting, painting and graal techniques with a focus of moving into architectural glass installations. For eight years he has been teaching private classes throughout the west coast but has made Southern Oregon again his permanent home.
Artist Statement

I love glass. The fact that I get to make things of beauty or inspiration, blows my mind. Be it good fortune or destiny, may I never know.

If you are reading this and considering a commision, may I suggest you take that chance. I am inspired by your reaction when you see and feel the connection that your piece was intended to give you. The heart of the piece is nestled within the personal touches.

To the pioneers before me. While I seek my own voice, in some way each of you have led me deeper into the creative mind. Whatever your craft, you haven't gone unoticed and I thank you.

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by Chris Hurley Glass

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