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Christine Grenier holds a diploma in haute couture and interior design. She makes small run decorative objects, one of a kind creations and textile art in her Clarenceville Quebec studio. She is a professional member of the Conseil des métiers d’art du Québec and teaches courses in textile art. She is deeply passionate about quilting and textile art. Her first pieces were submitted to the 2012 Courtepointes/Québec Quilts Salon and took first place in their category.

Her decorative accessories are known for the choice of fabric, the quilting techniques and the numerous details added during their creation. Her works are a marriage of European and American influences and combine tradition with modernism. Her creations are inspired by her passions and those of the people who surround her. Her work exudes peacefulness and nostalgia.

My Artist Statement

The driving force behind my creations is the perpetual quest to craft new objects and give birth to original material elements. The need to touch and manipulate materials, play with colour, create and superpose textures, draw shapes and decorate through small details is the process that drives me and that fuels my creative energy.

Textile art is a broad field that allows me the freedom to move in several creative directions and play with fabric, trimming, ornamentation and the many processes inherent to working with textiles. I enjoy wandering between techniques and borrowing traditions from quilting, haute couture, and knitting while still exploring what other disciplines have to offer.

This type of discovery is close to my heart and it allows me to create one-of-a-kind objects with soul. Objects that can tell a story, that make people feel sensations and that fit harmoniously into living spaces. My inspiration is drawn from the simple pleasures that life has to offer, my experiences, my childhood memories, happy moments, my encounters, my feelings, my passions and those of the people who surround me and environments that I love.

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I am located in Clarenceville, Quebec.

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