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I am a graduate of Pratt Institute in NYC and have been a commercial artist for 38 years specializing in airbrushed murals, illustrations, and portraits. I have had many clients, private individuals as well as major corporations such as Disney, Universal Studio Tours, Dell Publishing, Atari, and Silicon Graphics. I have also been commissioned to paint public art murals in Salt Lake City, Sacramento, Chico, Paradise, Watsonville, Gilroy, Santa Cruz, and Palo Alto. I currently live in Murphys, California, with my dog Domino.

My Artist Statement

I love painting and drawing and feel that my art is my politics, my religion, and my way to serve. Even after all of these years, I am amazed at the miracle of creating work that positively affects people's lives and the way they think and feel. Being able to put beauty out into this crazy world is a powerful act and I feel blessed to be able to do it. Even though I work on my own projects that tickle my fancy and are not subject to anyone else's criticism, when I do work on a commission, my creative process involves a lot of opportunities for the client to add their input so that the final piece of art is to their liking and is not an unfortunate surprise. I'm a real people person and my career puts me in touch with a wide variety of humanity, which I feel is a great fringe benefit. I'm always excited with each new commission and my next piece is my best piece.

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I am located in Murphys, CA.

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