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Like most artists, my career started as soon as I could hold a crayon, or maybe it was the finger painting with strained peas? Who  knows. I believe every child is an artist; the trick is not allowing their natural talents to get crushed by other’s beliefs in how things are suppose to be done.
My career in illustration, design and marketing spans over 30 years, where I oversee all aspects of Corsetti Design from project coordination to creative direction  to illustration. My philosophy of involving and empowering people in the creative process produces an outcome that exceeds client expectations.
This is the process of breaking through. It’s the way the unthinkable becomes accepted truth. At Corsetti Design, we ignite, illuminate, inform, entertain and provoke a response, a breakthrough.
In the business of ideas, the only currency is energy. This is what inspires me.
I have carried over this same Philosophy in my fine art and illustration.
When I create an image I want you to feel the wind, the sun on your face and the mist in the air.
My love of the outdoors has lead me to do commissioned work for corporate clients like Browning, Easton, and MossyOak
As far as a biography goes, nothing is more boring than talking about yourself— so— Yes, my work has been published, I have received awards, I have served on college boards. But the only true test for art is
if you feel it –
you frame it –
you hang it –
and you love.

Artist Statement

Torn between two worlds I love creating an ad or logo as much as I do painting or illustrating, They all are Designed to provoke emotions, and excite the reader into action, cut through the clutter and get noticed.
It is all about the excitement of creating.
My love of the outdoors has led me to do commissioned work for corporate clients such as Browning, Easton, RealTree and MossyOak.

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Leopard Attack

Leopard Attack

by rob corsetti


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Wolf Maiden

Wolf Maiden

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rising rainbow

rising rainbow

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