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Iulian Gheorghe

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About Iulian Gheorghe
I'm going to introduce myself as: -Modern poem writer (eBook release soon) and some Art maker. -Graduated, SNSPA and Carol Davila school of Medicine.
-Business idea ready to by deployed "INT Concept and Technique" Dental tourism
-Born in: Bucharest, Romania, I'm not married, I have 26 and I love extreme mountain bike.
-Discovered my talent for writing and making some interesting "stuff" during my studies as a dental technician at Carol Davila university of medicine.
- Worked as a Trader on the Forex Market
-and I'm new to this field (Contemporary Art & Contemporary Poems) and the project I want to begin is unique and hope to make a good impression through it.
Artist Statement

This project (crazy word project), it is my first project in the direction of mixing Art (the visual dynamic aspect of this project) with writing (the encapsulated dynamicity in words that capture the essence of different life aspects). This project is written on beech bark, because I think we all need to be environment conscious and paper, canvases, wooden frames and cutting trees, they aren’t a good company , when it comes to innovation and creativity , towards preserving what we have today.
The visual aspect of the project (phase 1- Cover design, material wood-picture) is laid on beech bark using acrylic colors and pen (My signature is written with pen, the title ‘’Poems” and year 2013).
The written aspect of the project is written directly on the beech bark using a pen. The beech bark I have collected directly from the ground after it peeled off the trunk of the tree. The beech bark wasn’t subjected to no chemical or other type of treatments. Also I haven’t used varnish to cover the acrylic paint and I haven’t washed the beech bark with no cleaning agent or water.
So if you have further questions feel free to ask? I will answer shortly.
The second phase of this project is to continue it after I have gathered the necessary money. The whole project visual and write revolves around the female universe and its mystery. Phase 1 of the project entitled: Erotic Interaction and the material used is wood. So phase 2 of the project would involve making the visual message of the project in different materials staring with ceramics (ceramic statue) that would entitle: Web 2.0 Social Interaction. Continue with “Is it LOVE?” using metal as the material for the visual aspect of the project and “True Love” would use glass water writing fishes as materials, giving it the necessary complexity for the sequence of this project. The whole project I have visualized it, as continuous sequences of visual imagines and capsulated and encapsulated poems.
If you would like to know more about this project and what I want to do with it? Please go to: http://gheorghe-iulian-cv.wix.com/crazyproject

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Erotic 2.0 Original bleech bark modern art painting, contemporary art, wood sculpture, wall sculpture, acrylics paintings.

by Iulian Gheorghe

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