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Chary Castro-Marin

Phoenix, Arizona


About Chary Castro-Marin

Chary Castro-Marin Biography:

The artist was born in Cienfuegos, Cuba. Her enthusiasm for the arts became evident at a very early age through her drawings and musical skills. At age 16 she graduated as a concertist at the Conservatorio Amadeo Roldan in La Habana, Cuba and continued her classical repertory studies under the direction of the late Maestro Cesar Perez Centenat. She gave multiple piano recitals in Cuba and abroad. With her family she moved to New York where she lived for several years. In Arizona art expressions has continued being part of her life as a student at Arizona State University and as an individual artist creating beautiful pieces of art, using paper and canvas as a media to reach her audience.
Chary can be reach at her Atelier/Studio located in Phoenix, Arizona

(602) 369-9549


Artist Statement

CHARY CASTRO-MARIN Artist's Statement:

I focus mainly on the theme of the particular piece and the communication of my feelings. These are my essential tools to connect with the viewer. By assuming the canons with which he or she is familiar I aim to create an atmosphere of empathy where a comfortable dialogue can ensue. As is obvious the relation with the viewer is crucial for me, my basic goal, since I consider myself merely a magic- maker.
I begin by choosing a technical solution that seeks to manifest itself. In general I believe that's what painting is: the ideal vehicle to suggest illusions, hints of something that wants to be… but that is only shapes and colors.
The longing of all these years living outside of Cuba has marked me in profound ways, in diverse ways: from the language--the words themselves--the culture, the ethos.
Through my work I metabolize the spaces that surround me and my vital experiences, the early life stages in Cuba and later here in the United States, first in New York and then in Phoenix. Living in these two American cities with very distinct and different identities and habits also has had a great impact. I am very familiar with what's known as “existential shock”, the difficulty in adapting to a new environment due to political and cultural differences. The constant questioning of my identity shows clearly in my art, in added layers and sharp edges.
Staying put in the same place can be wearisome. Each new experience both nourishes and changes us. This is evident in my paintings where autobiographical elements abound.
Ultimately I do not seek for transcendence through art. I paint solely for the joy, the delight in the process. Life for me is Art. Sometimes I sketch it, others I fill it with colors or perceive it through music.
Music… my faithful partner in the battle.

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