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Daniela was born in Prague, Czech Republic. She came to the USA in 1982 and lived since then in Portland, Oregon. Daniela is married and has two grown up children: Patrick and Teresa. Patrick is autistic and lives in a group home. Teresa is a journalist, graduate of Columbia University of New York.
Daniela enjoyed a diversified career in the USA. As a folk artist she developed cultural programs for children and adults, published several children's books and lectured nationwide. Daniela enjoys engraving on eggs and constantly searches for new challenges in marketing her craft.
Daniela hold's a Master's degree in Geriatric Social work at Portland State University.

Artist Statement

Eggs symbolize new life and joy during the Spring time. I have chosen to decorate eggs and use them also as hanging ornaments for Christmas. Originally I adhered to traditional designs inspired by old folkart from Central and Eastern Europe.
Later I decided to start creating my own designs, depicting animals, flowers and eventually buildings, bridges and lighthouses. Besides that, I have also developed a concept of the International Snowman and the Rainbow collection.
International Snowman holds a flag of a certain country with an inscription of Merry Christmas in that particular language. The Rainbow collection promotes diversity and love with designs that include a rainbow in the shape of a small heart.
Each ornament can be personalized or customized with an inscription of your choice.

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Egg ornament

Egg ornament

by danielamahoney