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About David Chevtaikin
David Chevtaikin is a Occupy Museum artist at the Whitney Museum Biennial 2017 in New York City. David was born in Albany New York, and attended Ringling College of Art and Design. He later moved to New York City, and since resides in the art center of the world. In 2017 he will be part of the Whitney Bienniall Occupy Museums. His work has been in continuing Art Shows in New York City, and in 2011 was part of the Marianne Boesky Gallery, in Chelsea "Buy "What You Love 2011". His piece "Chief Hanging Tongue" was considered for David Bowie's come back album cover, "The Next Day" (2013 Release). David's work continues to mature, and is gaining attention. His first solo exhibition featuring over 20 pieces at BAMA in 2012-2013.Titled "Initiating The Shaman - The Arch of the Cosmos, Abstraction, and the work of David Chevtaikin.

Chevtaikin's work started to expose new discoveries. David's layering of his own techniques through experimentation, results in his unique energetic, rhythmic style. Recently David embarked on compositing his figurative pieces with the abstract in his series "Redefining The Line Between figurative and Abstraction" where he deepens his visual dimension.
David has been described as a "Urban Shaman", going to another dimension and coming back with a new language, a visual perception and vision for us all to see.
Artist Statement

David Chevtaikin is a cutting edge artist from New York City who incorporates fabrics, textiles and graffiti into his work. Chevtaikin understands himself as a strong player in the new art revolution with his strong, self-assured style characterised by a judicious use of colour, eye for form and proportion and a passion for bold brush strokes and graffiti. Juxtaposing the mediums and depictions of classical ideas in art with modern content and graffiti street art, the artist hopes to invoke a constant evolution of possibilities in his work.

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