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Cosmic Temple Creations
About Cosmic Temple Creations
David Cosmo was born in 1950. He excells in music and art naturally. He studied in college, and many sources in USA and SOUTH PACIFIC. In 1972, during the Viet Nam era, David became a paraplegic. Dispite his handicapp, David spends a lot of his time creating. In 1987 he set up home and studio in Sedona, Arizona. In 2012 he is still there, creating. The creative arts are his freedom and liberation, a journey where the spiritual path is parallel his creativity. He is doing what he is supposed to do. Therefor we have Cosmic Temple Creations.
Artist Statement

Cosmic Temple Creations presents transcendental designs, visionary art and Sacred Geometry. This art is a synergy of sound, design and science. Sacred Geometry reveals the cosmic order of the universe, especially when applied in Quantum Physics, Cosmology, Biology, etc. We can look deep into creation on a cellular-molecular level with this art. These designs also work in metaphysical levels helping us to center ourselves in meditation. Every person should have at least one in their life. Resonating with the one or ones you feel drawn to will allow you to expand your consciousness. The Cosmic Temple begins in the place within each one of us where our hearts and soul-spirits reside. Where God the Creator is the source, the journey within, the microcosm. The journey outside of oneself, the macrocosm, begins here and expands to the body Temple, then to the home Temple, to the Earth Temple and then to the Galactic Temple. All Life, all creation, all dimensions, all universes are sacred, and everything is connected.

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