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A native of Maracaibo, Venezuela, Daniel Djuro-Goiricelaya studied interior design at the CUMT (Colegio UniversitarioMonseńor de Talavera) earning a Bachelors in Arts and developing a thesis entitled “Color Saturation Modulesfor Maracaibo ” inspired by the work of the Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz Diez.

“The Modules” were meant to open the door of new experience to those that walked through individual rooms, each saturated by intense colors interposed by pitch black rooms. As observers were themselves saturated by color, the intent was to undergo a rediscovery of self under the influence of color and to realize the importance of color in daily life.
As his thesis research progressed, the Centro BellasArtes (CBA) of Maracaibo offered to present “The Modules” as the opening experience for the exhibit of “Sueńa a color con Paco” (Dream in colors with Paco), the first retrospective after the disappearance of the internationally well known and respected “maestro”, Francisco “Paco” Hung.

After graduating, Daniel was asked by his alma mater to become a professor and was invited to teach the class, “Light and Color” for the interior design students.
With a strong sensibility for the art world, Daniel volunteered in Maracaibo City to develop the “Visual Thinking Curriculum”, an academic tool created by the MoMA and brought to Venezuela by the Cisneros Foundation and the CBA of Maracaibo.

In 2000, Daniel began to work on small pręt ŕ porter accessories projects with the International Fashion Designer Ana Maria Rincon Canaan. As his craft evolved, he began designing haute couture pieces to pair with Ms. Rincon Canaan’s designer gowns.

In 2002, he was hired by the state’s Governor’s office to work at the Morales’s House Historic Museum as their exhibit designer and PR coordinator.

In 2003, he was invited to participate in of the fashion show “Huellas Latinas” (Latin Imprints) in Maracaibo City. He created a significant number of pręt ŕ porter and haute couture designs for the event.

In 2004, due to the turbulent political climate in Venezuela, Daniel and his family received political asylum and moved to the US that same year.

Since arriving to the US, his priority has been to give back to the community that gave him and his family a new home. He worked full time as a volunteer for Yale University Hospital in New Haven and at the Black Rock Art Center in Bridgeport. He became involved in the development of interior design projects with the architectural firm Archetype and the creation of accessories and headpieces for the international haute couture fashion designer Mika Inatome.

In 2005, he was invited to present his latest work, the “Geometric Dreams” exhibition, which took place in the Venezuelan Consulate in Manhattan. The work, a collage of tile, wire and other building elements, was intended to reflect the dynamic energy of New York through the materials from which it is built. He continues to have his works shown in exhibits.

In 2007 moved to Daniel moved to Manhattan and worked as a Design Consultant for the high-end luxury brand Waterworks.until 2011 and becmae a Member of the Art Student League of New York

Today, Daniel lives in Manhattan and works as Co-Dircetor of Interiors of Archetype Design Studio ( www.archetype-ny.com ) He continues to explore unique applications in acrylic, oils, and mosaics.
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by Daniel Djuro-Goiricelaya

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