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Atelier Liliana Stoica

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About Atelier Liliana Stoica

Google House Project event - June 2014
For a week a house from Bucharest become an exhibition center of technology and design, a smart house in all senses. Our artwork was selected to be part of the project, due to its values - innovation and bold colors

White Night exhibition - September 2014
The very best designs were chosen for a night to remember! Spectacular furniture pieces, ceramics, jewelers, outstanding fashion outfits, and DECO-BOX artwork

Avon Inspiration Challenge - November 2014
Driven by beautiful senses, 10 artists were selected to representing an emotion, a state of mind. We respond with an outspoken art piece!

Marche de Noel - Romanian Fashion Design Fairy - Dec 2014

Made in Ro - Romanian Design Fairy - December 2014
Our Dorna Christmas Tree was selected the image of the fairy

BMR Gallery - exhibition - March 2015
Modern art event
Artist Statement

To work with a material as wood, to give it geometrical shapes, it's like telling a story. A story without words, which starts from pure passion for volumes and colors. Perfectly integrated and portioned, this three elements offers a "happiness formula", in vibrant color pallet, created to boost the energy and joy of the celebration of every given day! Our motto " Life in bold colors!"

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Mask / Original Modern Art / 3D Wood Wall Mosaic / Acryl

by Atelier Liliana Stoica

Poker face sculpture

by Atelier Liliana Stoica

Tango in colors

by Atelier Liliana Stoica

Nautilus Geometric abstract

by Atelier Liliana Stoica

Muzele - wood horse portrait / Original geometric 3D sculpture / Wood Wall Art / Minimalist Mosaic

by Atelier Liliana Stoica

Strand of thoughts / Original Modern Art / 3D Wood Wall Mosaic

by Atelier Liliana Stoica


by Atelier Liliana Stoica

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