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Dineen Roeller

Tampa, Florida

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About Dineen Roeller

Dineen, is a self educated freelance artist and muralist. Born in Lorain, Ohio, Dineen spent her adolescents living abroad including St. Croix, The Hawaiian Islands and California. Daughter of a master craftsman and her mother, a metaphysical spiritual healer; Dineen displayed a passion for the arts and was greatly encouraged throughout her childhood.

In the late 70’s her family moved to Tampa Bay, Florida where she immersed herself in the medium of the mechanical arts after graduating high school in 1981. This gave her the ability to approach images from a different perspective, composition and style. After an automobile accident, Dineen focused her artistic abilities and established herself as a freelance artist creating Deco Haven Artistry in the mid 80s.

As a diversified artist, Dineen has created custom paintings and portraits for individuals as well as, credited with producing artistic product renderings for such companies as Hall-Mark, Wallaby Jack, Panama Jack, Rutenburg and Adidas.

In the mid 90’s, she began creating residential and public murals, utilizing her faux painting skills learned while employed under an accomplished decorative faux painter; Art Deco Interiors, Cinci., Oh.

Recognized for her artistic accomplishments and communitarian artisanship. Inspired by the creativity of deep motherhood ties, Dineen gravitated toward educational establishments as resident artist and muralist. Project coordinator and muralist for community projects, including artistic support for local charities and The United Way after 9/11 Binghamton, N.Y.

Her visual works have been exhibited in art shows and galleries through out the Eastern United States. Also exhibits her works through on line studios found under *ArtsyHome and *Etsy. Her murals and artistic works are both publicly and privately owned throughout the Eastern United States. Dineen is affiliated with local art groups and supports the arts within her community.

Residing in Tampa Bay Florida, Dineen is focusing her creative efforts on her visual arts, creative artistic furnishings and decorative vintage signage… when not commissioned or under contract with a client.

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Custom Portraits: Watercolor on Paper

Custom Portrait...

by Dineen Roeller


Mouse Pad, Follow Your Vintage Heart

Mouse Pad, Foll...

by Dineen Roeller


Vintage Decal Sticker, Follow Your Vintage Heart

Vintage Decal S...

by Dineen Roeller


Bar Stool, Woodburned Aztec Sun Design

Bar Stool, Wood...

by Dineen Roeller


Naked, Bare Shoulders, Original Painting Image of a Woman

Naked, Bare Sho...

by Dineen Roeller


Unicorn Raring Up , Original Mixed Medium Painting

Unicorn Raring ...

by Dineen Roeller


Horse in Pasture, Original Watercolor Painting

Horse in Pastur...

by Dineen Roeller


Nude Backside  /  Woman of Dark Origen Colored Pencil Original Artwork

Nude Backside ...

by Dineen Roeller


Kelly Clarkson, Original Watercolor Painting

Kelly Clarkson,...

by Dineen Roeller


Ginger;  Original Pastel Painting of Horse

Ginger; Origin...

by Dineen Roeller


Big Butt, Aztec Woman Painting

Big Butt, Aztec...

by Dineen Roeller


Enchanted Door, Renaissance, Artistic Interior Door. Through the Garden Gate

Enchanted Door,...

by Dineen Roeller


artistic table, deco art, garden goddess accent side table

artistic table,...

by Dineen Roeller