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About HT Decor

My name is Vladimir, I'm a designer. Me and my family in our home studio HT Decor, we create decorations, which contain elements of modern high technology.

Each our item is the result of development with some number of preliminary trial variants. In addition to high tech design, each item has a picture in 3d format that made as "multi-layered 3d". This image technique is just beginning to appear in the world, with very realistic 3d vision for spectators. To create images, we use difficult computer calculations of the light field. Size of the images is still small, but this question will be solved.

Artist Statement

HT Decor home studio, Akkerman/Odessa
Art items with High Tech components can be excellent feature to your interiors. 3D collages in absolutely new technique and other high-tech design elements.

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Jewelry Box by High Tech decorator

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