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About Diana Carey

Artist Statement

I developed a passion for the creation of metal forms while studying at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Each piece is unique and is discovered as I create it. There is no direct path from one piece to the next, instead, each evolves from the material. Once I start working on the piece I move with it as it starts taking shape. I want the metal to flow, the pieces to be light and airy, counterbalancing the rigidity of the steel I am working with.
My sculptures are there to be touched and felt. Touching my sculptures can move a person along the same wavelength I felt as I was creating it.
I know a piece has succeeded when I see smiles on the faces of people looking at it. People have said that my work makes them happy as they see and experience it.
As I work on my sculptures I continue expanding the artistic expression of my dream visions.

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by Diana Carey


The Dancer

by Diana Carey


Geese In Flight

by Diana Carey


My Cup Runneth ...

by Diana Carey