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About Diana's Musings
Diana Martinez grew up in Sugar Land, Texas and now resides in the Katy area just west of Houston. Growing up with 2 sisters, her parents encouraged academics, creativity and intellectual curiosity. She is self taught and works primarily with oils and acrylics.
Her work is heavily influenced by her hobbies, which include road trips through the Texas Hill Country, foreign languages/cultures, Psychology, Ancient History, Astronomy and Physics. She believes art should stimulate the imagination of the viewer, as well as evoke emotion, rather than just replicate a familiar object or landscape; her images range from nostalgic
and melancholic portraits of nature to the abstract and downright quirky.
Currently some of her work is on display at the local artist gallery at Katy Art and Frame. Diana's art has sold in Houston, Dallas, Ohio, Singapore, Dubai and Cyprus.

2012 - Katy Art and Frame, Local Artists Exhibition, Summer 2012 - Katy, TX

Professional Affiliations
Katy Area Artists
Lone Star Art Guild
American Women Artists
Women & Their Work

Slide Registries
2012-present- Women & Their Work, Austin, Texas
Artist Statement

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All my life I have had a need to discover meaning and purpose in everything around me. There is a certain duality in my paintings that reflects the duality within my own person: abstraction and impressionism, fantasy and reality, black and white, introvert and extrovert.
In my work I use a variety of mediums such as charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, and oil. The common denominator in almost all of my paintings is nature; in my recent work I have tried to explore the gamut of human moods and emotions in relation to beautiful scenery and natural landscapes.
I can't define my work with a style, I am equally enamored by stark, monochromatic, object-oriented abstraction and beautiful, colorful, impressionist compositions.
My ultimate objective is to establish an emotional connection to my viewers, to move them and help them connect to their own humanness.

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Heliospheric Umbra

by Diana's Musings


by Diana's Musings


by Diana's Musings


by Diana's Musings

Hill Country Oddity

by Diana's Musings

Martian Night Sky

by Diana's Musings

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