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About Dottie Moore
Dottie Moore is a studio quilt artist living in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Since 1975, her award-winning tapestries have been exhibited, collected, and published in the United States and abroad. Her work has sold at fine art galleries and fine art/craft shows including American Craft Council shows and the Smithsonian Craft Show.

She is author of a CD/Audio book, Lives in Process:
Creativity and the Second Fifty Years, and a chapter author of Midlife Clarity, Epiphanies from Grown-Up Girls. She is currently hosting, “Conversations in Cloth,” an Internet radio program at:

Dottie’s lectures and workshops attract diverse groups
internationally. They are designed to inspire participants to see unlimited possibilities and to move deeper into their
personal creative expressions.
Artist Statement

Artist's Statement

I create visual conversations with fabric and thread to explore the mysteries of earth and sky. Nature provides the symbolic language I need, and the process takes me to a wordless place where deeper truths reside. Trees, mountains, pathways, and spirals have appeared and re-appeared in my work so often that it is impossible to know how many times I have circled these images searching for answers. I desire to know the unknowable. The more I search, the more it becomes clear that I must be content with the questions.

Each quilt begins with a longing. The muse knocks at my door, lays cloth, paint, and thread at my feet, and then fills me with a deep longing that makes it is impossible to resist the invitation to swim in the sea of possibilities once more. I set my intention, listen to the quiet voices inside, make connections, and begin the process of choosing. Paint is brushed, swirled, sponged and stroked onto cloth. I cut, pin, baste, layer, stitch, and quilt. Intuitively, I follow my heart, without the use of sketches and patterns. I allow the surprises to come. I respond, and surrender. I am searching an expression that is uniquely mine. Truth is always elusive. I know that I must remain vulnerable, detached from the outcome, and allow my many voices to speak of endless layers of meaning. In the end, I must be content with the creation of one more imperfect
expression. It is this elusiveness of truth that keeps me seeking.

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