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Honolulu, Hawaii

About Goodwin Art & Science

Being born and raised here in the islands—I am surrounded by nature, the elements, a diverse population of cultures, and here able to gather my thoughts and ideas. I am somewhat self-taught accept for courses taken in middle and high schools. Always practicing when I can and utilize my ART & Photographs in my everyday profession and hobbies. I use ART as an out from the everyday expectations of life and enjoy the creations of thought; and to bring it out on paper or canvas for the world to see—that’s were I get my pleasure from. My ART takes many forms—eclectic at times, self-involved, naturalistic, surreal, and abstract. I enjoy many mediums and styles—no two are the same for me and believe in change and my ART takes shape--just evolves and grows.

Artist Statement

Art just takes me into a different realm, universe, and state of mind. To the extreme, ART pleasures us, gives enjoyment and fulfillment—but most of all—it’s rewarding beyond words. “The ARTIST--under our hands we create and put down on canvas and paper our thoughts, ideas and memories.”

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World of Wonder...

by Goodwin Art & Science


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