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About David Davies Art
David Davies is a "self-taught" artist specializing in non-representational, expressive, abstract oil paintings and drawings. Born in Toledo, OH, David graduated from The Ohio State University before moving to San Francisco in 1983. Since then, he has worked for a variety of high-tech companies while continuing to develop himself as an artist.

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Artist Statement

I am motivated most by the process of painting. I like to start with an expressive foundation establishing the basic shapes, forms, textures, depth, feeling, and movement. I then build on that initial expression, layer by layer, adding colors, additional surface textures, shapes, and depth. While layering serves my aesthetic goals, I try to avoid altering the initial expression, leaving a more natural, organic quality and appearance. Painting wet-into-wet freely helps me to be most expressive and capture creative spontaneity.

Like our natural world, beauty is achieved through a chaotic, random blend of the living and organic, layered into a mosaic of colors, forms, textures, and shapes that help form our perceptions of the world. I like to use a pallet of natural, living colors in my paintings reflecting the abstract splendor of nature itself.

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Lingering Light

by David Davies Art


by David Davies Art

Fluid Emotions

by David Davies Art

Fluid Chaos

by David Davies Art

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