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About Don Suiter

I have lived in South Dakota, North Dakota, California, and Minnesota at different times in my life. I currently reside in Minnesota. I have been a wood worker all of my life, a pastor, and an artist. I love to learn and love to explore the beauty of God's creation. I have four children, one grandchild, and the world's best wife.

Artist Statement

I have been working with wood, in one form or another, for over thirty years. My first experience turning wood on a lathe came almost 25 years ago. At the time, the only thing I knew how to turn were spindles for furniture and small decorative bowls and plates. After a number of years away from the lathe I was introduced to the world of woodturning as an "Art Form". Very simply, I fell in love with it. Today, my art includes wood turned vessels, turned and carved vessels, wood wall hangings, and alabaster or soapstone art.

Though I have worked with many different types of wood, my favorite by far is burl wood, A burl, sometimes call a burr, is a rather homely-looking growth that often forms as a tree attempts to protect itself from some type of damage. The most amazingly beautiful grain a tree has to offer can be found in its burls. Even trees with rather plain grain patterns produce stunningly beautiful grain in their burls.

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Italian Ice Alabaster shallow bowl

Italian Ice Ala...

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