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I am John Glasser, a retired Senior Artisan. Three years ago I came up with a unique idea for re-purposing discarded bottles and glass and transforming them into Wind Chimes. Since inception, the idea has evolved into beautiful pieces of functional art as well as a series of lamps and lights. My mission Statement is "Saving the World, One bottle at a time."

Almost all of my bottles are rescue bottles in that they come from bars and restaurants that normally send them to the dump. I live in a rural area where recycling is not required or made easy.

I accept commissions for pieces that commemorate birthdays, anniversaries or other special events. I also do custom engraving to recognize a sport or profession.

My Artist Statement

Join me as we re-purpose bottles and glass to create whimsical pieces of functional art that appeal to all your senses and help -

Save the World, One Bottle at a Time.

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I am located in Ryderwood, WA.

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