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Born and raised in Somerville, New Jersey, my interest in art and the natural world blossomed early. My favorite activities were back packing and making art. I have a BS in Biology from the University of California at Irvine and an MFA in Fine Art from California State University at Long Beach, where I majored in Medical Illustration.

I eventually began creating non-technical art and couldn't stop. I exhibited works in numerous juried exhibitions in California and Washington and have won various awards.

I am a former recipient of the Gregory M. Robinson Scholarship and Poncho Artist in Residence awards at Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle. I was also a resident at the James W. Washington Foundation in Seattle.

My Artist Statement

I was trained as a Medical Illustrator, but have actively cultivated an interest in other art forms. My works generally reference the natural world and sometimes pay homage to any of several cultures. They range from mixed-media sculpture to jewelry.

My works are an exploration of the mixing of cultures, techniques, materials and imagination, resulting in reflections of my inner spirit.

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I am located in Seattle, WA.

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