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About Eisa Ahmadi
Eisa Ahmadi was born in the Cheshmeh-Ala neighborhood of Damavand in 1940. He spent his childhood and adolescence in Tehran. He was very interested in art, especially painting since childhood, hence, he experienced painting and designing in this period and was very encouraged and applauded in this regard.

In the beginning of adulthood, not only his economic activities in decoration did not hinder his activities in painting and sculpting, but also, it created new experiences and familiarity with new techniques in line with his goals.

He moved to Damavand County and Roodehen city in 1976 in order to promote art in his hometown. He established this county’s first art gallery called “Khane-ye-Honar”, and started teaching and promoting art.

After a few years, when the Islamic Azad University Roodehen Branch was opened, he was invited to collaborate in decorating and building the gates of the university’s main building. After finishing this task, he continued his collaboration by working in the university’s public relations and the Islamic development offices.

After the department of culture and Islamic guidance was opened in Damavand County, at first, he started teaching art to only one student, and then became the head of the county’s visual arts association. In this period, he started collaborating with the beautification unit of Damavand county Municipality and was appointed as artistic consultant to the mayor.

In 2002, as Shab-e-Damavand convention in Khanevadeh Cultural Center began, he held an exhibit with the same name in the gallery of the cultural center presenting paintings which were designed and painted specifically related to the convention so as to introduce the people’s culture and Damavand County products; Moreover, it was an important step in introducing the culture of Damavand County given the great amount of time and energy spent on preparing the paintings.

Through the years, he has held many exhibits all over the country which were welcomed and applauded by experts and art-lovers. He has taken this arduous path for more than half a century in order to serve his beloved country, and although he has never had a teacher, he has raised and trained many art students who are currently serving as teachers throughout the country.
Artist Statement

Love is a deer ascending into the sky

A look into Love Series by Master Eisa Ahmadi

By Maryam Roshanfekr – Nov.2016

Reason said unto Love: I rise above you in the realm of being

Love replied: I excel being and existence (Khwaja Abdullah Ansari)

In 1940 in the Cheshmeh-Ala neighborhood of Damavand an artist was born who brought to this city and his country beauty and love, Eisa Ahmadi is an unassuming artist who has spent a lifetime of serving art, creating notable works in painting, sculpture, architectural design and interior architecture. Throughout his life, along with producing and creating works of art, Eisa Ahmadi has assumed many jobs related to arts in the capacity of an executive. Being the founder of the first fine arts atelier in the town of Damavand called "The House of Art", he has continually been training students in this atelier and Art University of Roodehen.

Eisa Ahmadi is a singular artist in his field, and shunning the artistic society and economic gains of creating art has enabled him to take the path embedded in his lived personal experience and his spiritual and mental preoccupations and aspirations. This explains why his works have managed to eschew the dominant trends in his time, taking an altogether different path.

Ahmadi's method of creating his works is a combination of traditional craftsmanship, modern sculpture and contemporary line sculpture, stamping upon them his personal touch to give his works a tactile and mystical feel. From a conceptual point of view, he approaches art in a poetic manner and has close ties with Persian literature, and the juxtaposition of animals like deer and butterflies with the word love testifies to this close affinity. A further manifestation of his affinity with Persian literature is the concept of love, a recurring concept in this literature, which is been given a central place in his works, where the direct use of this word is a common motif.

Drawing on such shapes recurring in Iranian ancient art as Eslimi (arabesque) and curvilinear forms, which are fragile but possess an ascending characteristic, Eisa Ahmadi has represented his view of love, which is tender, fragile and ephemeral. In this series, he has made an attempt to recall that aspect of the world that would make love possible.

What is mostly present in these works is the movement choreographed by the concept of love, that eternal dance of life which Ahmadi attempts to capture and embody in these works. His works, which have wood as their material, show with fluidity the same natural and alive feel as wood through curvilinear lines. Notwithstanding their singularity, these works have a familiar ring about them, what's more, they lay bare the inner world of the artist, and this characteristic they acquire thanks to the artist's use of Iranian wood carving.

In his works, we could perceive worn out deer eager to reach the sky, climbing the fragile stem of love, there are also butterflies sitting on this stem. They are interlaced into each other like ivy, as if aspiring to unite into a single body. An image signifying that love, hailing from far reaches of the world, and embodied as a deer, is seeking the sky.

Eisa Ahmadi's works aspire to intervene in a barren and immoral contemporary art scene. It is a feeling arising from beautiful human feelings becoming inaccessible and fading away from the modern world. Through these works, he slakes his thirst to see these beauties as well as presenting them to others and invites his audience to join him in feeling and reliving these fragile, familiar and conceptual curvature whose originality appears to be forgotten.

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Crane Bird Handmade Wood Sculpture by Eisa Ahmadi

by Eisa Ahmadi

Dancing Deer Handmade Wood Sculpture by Eisa Ahmadi

by Eisa Ahmadi

Intoxication Handmade Wood Sculpture by Eisa Ahmadi

by Eisa Ahmadi

Leaping Gazelle Handmade Wood Sculpture by Eisa Ahmadi

by Eisa Ahmadi

Lovers Handmade Wood Sculpture by Eisa Ahmadi

by Eisa Ahmadi

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