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Elham Ghorbani

About Elham Ghorbani
Elham Ghorbani
Was born in 1971 in Tehran, Iran

Art Category: Painting
Artistic Career since 2006

1990 - Graduated from Fine Arts School
1994 - Graduated from Azad University

Achievements and Exhibitions
1999 - Winner of the Festival and the big city Exhibition
2009 - Participant in Group Exhibition of Art Center Gallery 2009
2013 - Participant in Group Exhibition of Panjereh Gallery
2017 - Selected Artist for Florence Biennial, Italy
Artist Statement

Figure is a justification for me in order to canalize my inner excitements by devices and mediums and compose them in form of color and line.
In this case I minimize color to the least in order to concentrate more on materials, devices and my own physical behaviour.

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by Elham Ghorbani


by Elham Ghorbani

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