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About Teena M Stewart
Born in Winston-Salem, NC, Teena has lived all over the U. S. She has come full circle back to her North Carolina roots and now resides in Hickory, NC. Her many identities include: mother, published author, pastor’s wife and artist. She holds a BA from Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA and is a graphic design major with a concentration in writing. In 2015 she made a career change to pursue art full time and is transitioning from a focus on handmade gifts to visual arts.

In addition to on-line venues offline her 2D and artisan work is also on display at Trade Alley Art in Hickory, NC and other local shops.

Specialized areas of focus include commissioned art, including pet portraits and licensed art. (art designs to put on your products).

Accomplishments: Selling her jewelry to celebrities. Designing Safe Harbor Rescue Mission’s annual Christmas ornament. Recipient of the Regional Artist Grant (2016) and running her own online handmade stores.
Artist Statement

Mission Statement: to reflect the love and joy found in the Creator's creations - especially animals - and to move people to experience it at a deeper level

Within us are attributes of the divine “being” (translated from the Hebrew, Yahweh). These include the remarkable capacity to create and to love — gifts not merely to be treasured, but to be shared. For this reason I create. “I could no sooner turn off this ability than a spring could stop bubbling up through the ground. It is what I am designed to do.”

Much of my current 2-d work focuses on animals (who provide insight into God’s kingdom). Many of us are inhibited when it comes to relating to people. With animals, however, we freely love while delighting in the joy, innocence, and child-like love they give back. They teach us to practice grace and love and to give it back. In addition to 2-D art I also work with glass and occasionally ceramics. Currently my 2-D artwork is primarily acrylics and ink, with occasional mixed media.

Depending on the theme of her art, subject matter and color range from sepia tones with a vintage feel to bright colors with a child-like playfulness.

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