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Eric N. Fausnacht is a Bucks County, Pennsylvania artist who paints portraits of domestic fowl in a contemporary/pop/baroque style. Fausnacht takes cues from portrait styles of Warhol, Frances Bacon, Jeff Koons, Matisse, Chuck Close, Kehinde Wiley and the schools of photo realism and historic turn of the century animal portraiture. His subject matter of domestic fowl shows strength, beauty and regal splendor in a classic portrait style.

The subject matter is a stylized portrait of chickens and roosters, showing a complication and beauty that makes each image forceful and strong, as well as, light and elegant. Bringing out the beauty and strength of character in these images shows a juxtaposition of the common chicken or rooster as elevated elegance.

My portraits fuse the boundaries between a traditional animal painting and a contemporary modern portrait. My paintings take a subject with historical references and fuse color, pattern, and textile design with a larger than life size figure to depict strength and beauty.

My portraits are based on photographs taken at farm exhibitions and county fairs throughout Pennsylvania. The rooster or chicken figure takes up most of the canvas and is then fused with a rococo ornamentation. This takes a simple portrait and emphasizes and compliments the textural aspects throughout the subject’s body.

After receiving a BSE in Art Education from Millersville University of Pennsylvania, he continued his education at The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and The Art Institute of Philadelphia.

He has show at the following galleries:
Muse Gallery, Philadelphia
Twenty-two Gallery, Philadelphia
Mew Gallery, Philadelphia
FUEL Collection, Philadelphia
Bucks County Community College, Bucks County, PA
Banana Factory, Bethlehem, PA
Elysian Gallery, Seattle, WA
Michelle’s Gallery, Lancaster, PA
Art in City Hall, Philadelphia, PA
Twin Brook Winery, Gap, PA
Pterodactyl Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Eric Fausnacht has a painting at the Portland Museum of Art, Portland, OR

He is also collected by the family of Jeff Koons.

His work is in private collections throughout the United States, Europe, Canada and Asia and can be seen in Plow and Hearth and Sturbridge Yankee Workshop catalogues.

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I am located in Kintnersville, PA.

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