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My photography seeks to expose the complexity inside the subject- I often alter a subject in ways that make me see it anew, treating slides or preparing flowers, for example. I often shoot images which I find pleasurable and sensual, but I also move past the “prettiness” of a flower to create an experience that has an emotional component. As I witness the life cycle of the subject, the decline and death of a flower is as interesting to me as its prime. Part of the fascination of flowers as subjects is their impermanence.
When I shoot an image that works for me, there is an “aha!” moment, a sense of completion that can’t be easily explained, since the shot was only minimally planned. I like to explore subjects in the moment rather than setting a scene carefully. I move around the subject, finding surprises in it. I may start with an overall view, but as I move in closer I find an intricacy of detail and a wider range of color. If the flower as a whole is a wrapped present, the close-up is the gift inside the package.
In my profession as a psychotherapist I often notice parallels between my clinical work and my photography. With clients, as with images, I may have a general structure in mind, but I respond to what’s being presented to me, and my ideas evolve as I see more. With clients, as with images, I try to create an appealing setting to allow the experience of deeper levels of imagination and experience.

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