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About Everett Spruill Fine Art

Born in Birmingham, Ala., Everett Spruill's exposure to museums and classical music at an early age would prove to have a great influence on his artistic development. Spruill graduated in 1976 from Berea College in Kentucky where he studied Business Management. Spruill is most known for his early collages and works on paper, including the "Old School Jazz and Blues Series," which features colorful mixed-media collages of the fathers and legends of jazz, America's unique art form.
Everett is considered one of central Florida's biggest influences on African-American art. He designed and created art for two of Walt Disney World's Black Heritage Celebrations, and The Amway Center Art Collection.

Artist Statement

"The spectator looking at a painting of mine must deal with this condition of change. Areas are broken up at close range and fit together only at a distance.. . . As one advances on my painting, it becomes more abstract, more fluid, and as one moves away, it falls into focus and is realistic.. . . At no two distances will the painting appear the same. This gives the spectator more room for conjecture, and his contribution to the visual image adds to its provocative possibilities. These qualities coincide with the realities of contemporary society and its rapidly moving, shifting, and ever-changing panorama.

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