Esther Wertheimer Artisan
6507 Brava Way Boca Raton, Florida 33433
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Esther Wertheimer

Boca Raton, Florida

About Esther Wertheimer

Artist Statement

Born in Poland, I have lived most of my life in Montreal, although my quest for artistic excellence has inspired me to study and work in many corners of the world.

Like my sculptures, I am constantly in motion. I maintain studios in Florida and Montreal, as well as returning to Italy for several months each year to work in the artists’ colony of Pietrasanta.

I have been a sculptor for the past 25 years and have created more than 35 monumental sculptures in both bronze and steel. It is my belief that art breathes life into buildings, terraces, gardens, parks and other private and public places.

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by Esther Wertheimer


Born Free

by Esther Wertheimer


Ascendence SM

by Esther Wertheimer


Caftan II Mini

by Esther Wertheimer


Madre Gambe Inc...

by Esther Wertheimer



by Esther Wertheimer